Fostering independence by providing mobility options

Our mission is to provide coordinated transportation services for all citizens of the Brookings area

Lack of transportation to and from school is an issue for many struggling families this year. You can help! BATA is using this year's gifts to assist in the cost of transportation for  area students.

Need to schedule rides to or from school for your child?

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Please Review BATA's Covid-19 Riding Guidelines & Information


Advance reservations must be scheduled during our listed dispatch hours

Call Bata Dispatch at 605.692.2222 or toll free at 855-962-9120 to schedule a ride.

Our transportation service is available to anyone within the greater Brookings County Area. Youth, the general public, elderly and disabled passengers request our service for a variety of transportation needs.

Our passengers schedule rides to work, school, the Sioux Falls Airport, medical appointments, shopping trips and more! We encourage our passengers to schedule rides at least the day before transportation is needed. Please call our dispatch office and schedule your transportation today!

What's new with bata?

Free ride February

Schedule a FREE ride with the BATA bus! From February 1st to February 28th, anyone age 60 or older can ride the bus for a FREE.

Rides are limited to Brookings City limits and must be scheduled at least a day in advance.

Call dispatch at 692-2222 to schedule your rides today!

Reduced Hours of Service

BATA will continue to operate within our reduced hours of service. These service hours are Monday through Friday from 5:00am to 6:00pm.

As a public transportation service, BATA has been pro-active in the reducing the risk of viruses for our passengers and drivers. The safety of our passengers and employees is very important to us.

Back to School

We are so excited to see our youth passengers again!!

We are asking that parents and passengers of all ages review our updated rider safety information, including our requirement of face coverings.

Looking to drive your business while we drive the bus?


"Our mission to provide coordinated transportation services for all citizens of the Brookings area and to foster independence by providing mobility options is done so by allowing dignity, integrity and compassion to all those we serve."


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