Advance reservations must be scheduled during our listed dispatch hours.

BATA is no longer able to accomodate same-day ride requests.

Youth Transportation

No child will be transported unless an Emergency Contact Form is on file at BATA. This applies to all children riding the bus regardless of the number of times a child will be riding. This form is for your child’s safety.

No rides can be charged.  If your child does not have proper bus fare they will not be able to ride the bus.  There are no exceptions!

It is your responsibility to contact us regarding changes in your child’s schedule. For safety reasons, we cannot take information regarding transportation changes from your child or daycare. 

Buses will arrive at the schools at dismissal time and depart seven minutes later. Rides required after the bus departs will cost a same day fare. Parents who call in for their child’s ride the same day it is needed will be charged a same day fare.

A wave at the door from your daycare provider, babysitter, or from a parent indicating someone is present is needed and appreciated for your child’s safety.

Routes are determined by our routing software – there are no guarantees on pick-up or drop off times.  

Please contact BATA if your child has not reached their destination within 40 minutes of pickup time.



Poor conduct, including bullying, will not be tolerated.  A child’s bus ride should be a positive experience and negative behaviors jeopardize everyone’s safety.