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Mission Statement

The mission of the Brookings Area Transit Authority is to provide coordinated transportation services for all citizens of the Brookings area and foster independence by providing mobility options.

Back to School

Please Review the Youth Transportation Section of BATA's Passenger Handbook Prior to Signing Your Child/Children up for Transportation.

Click Here to Sign BATA's Emergency Contact Form.


Pot O' Gold Reverse Raffle Fundraiser

The winner of $5000 Grand Prize for Pot O' Gold Reverse Raffle Fund raiser

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BATA'S MOBILE APP Download BATA's mobile app to schedule rides from your android or iphone.
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Donations to BATA are humbly accepted and appreciated.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras

Lights, camera, action!!! That's right, cameras!! BATA is happy to announce that each of our vehicles is now equipped with 2-4 surveillance cameras. The purpose of these cameras is to protect our drivers as well as our passengers!